maintenance in our shop

In our workshop you can find the following maintenance operations:

-Small maintenance (engine oil and oil filter)

-Large maintenance, (All liquids, filters, coolant, spark plugs)

-Brake discs and brake pads

-Brake caliper cleaning

-Brake and clutch oil

-Clutch replacing

-TCT Timing Chain tensioner replacement

-Undercariage bushings and bolts replacing


-EGR / Airpump delete kit

-Installing exhaust systems

-Installing intake systems

-Installing wheels and tires

-Installing spoilers


-Engine, differential and gearbox overhaul

-Startmotor and alternator overhaul

-Engine chain replacement

-Engine, gearbox, differential rubbers replacing

-Windscreen wipers

-Converting headlights

-APK / MOT inspections

-RDW / Import inspections

-Installing chargers / turbo’s


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