For sale: S2000 2004 RNB

Registration: 26-03-2004
MOT/TUV untill 20-05-2020
(Ex RHD UK) On dutch licence plate in jan 2020
Dealer maintained

New engine oil and Honda oil filter
New gearbox oil (Honda MTF 3)
New differential oil (Amsoil 75w140)
New Honda airfilter
New Honda valve cover with gaskets
Valves adjusted
New NGK 11S Sparkplugs
New master clutch cilinder
Refurbished 17″ wheels with good winter tyres
Engine and gearbox in very good condition
LHD headlights
Gaskets rear lights replaced
All seals greased with Shin Etsu
Softtop has a patched crack

Price: € 13.500,-